Dip dying hair…?

Answer You can buy washable hair color. Like splat hair dye, and it will wash out. I have done it myself with their pink hair dye. Even if you use the pemanent dye it will eventually wash out. Maybe that ... Read More »

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About the new ombre hair trend, when dying half of the hair a bright color how is the maintenance?

I haven't done the ombré with color yet just from brown to blond but I have had color in my hair just as streaks and I know especially with pink they tend to lose their color quickly am turn a bit... Read More »

Will dying your hair with coffee work on dark blonde hair?

Yes but it will wash out much quicker than dye, so keep going to Starbucks lol.

Can dying your hair with Kool-Aid give you hair cancer?

How to Prepare the Face and Hair Before Dying Hair?

Proper preparation of your hair and skin before coloring hair, especially when doing a full color job, is very important. Doing this will ensure an even color and no dye on the skin of the face, ea... Read More »