Dimensional Analysis Used by the Metric System?

Answer The metric system allows efficient dimensional analysis. Many measurements are composed of length, mass and time units, and prefixes act as numeric exponents. Dimensional analysis accounts for calc... Read More »

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Is the metric system used in all countries?

The United States is the largest country that does not use the metric system as a formal standard, according to the U.S. Metric Association. Liberia, Myanmar (Burma) and a few Caribbean islands not... Read More »

How is the metric system used in Asia?

Standardized measurements using the metric system are based on the unit of 10. The metric system is used in many Asian countries and elsewhere for weights and measurements. Objects are weighed in g... Read More »

How long has the USA used the metric system?

For general use, the United States has allowed the metric system since 1866 when Congress legalized its use. In 1988, the Omnibus Trade and Competitiveness Act passed, saying that US agencies must... Read More »

What is the metric system most commonly used for?

Most of the world measures everything using metric units--distances, heights and weights, cooking quantities, vehicle speeds and everything else in need of measuring. In America, most people use im... Read More »