Dilution Alopecia in Dobermans?

Answer Dilution alopecia is also called fawn Doberman syndrome, blue Doberman syndrome, blue dog disease, color dilution alopecia or color mutant alopecia. "Alopecia" simply means baldness. Although dilut... Read More »

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Are there any new treatments for alopecia areata or alopecia universalis-eyebrow and head hair loss?

I don’t know if there are any new hair loss treatments but there are existing alopecia treatments that you may not know about. Consider checking out a website that reviews hair loss treatments ... Read More »

Different Ear Crops for Dobermans?

Doberman puppies have long floppy ears that do not function like normal dog ears. Cropping is a cosmetic procedure that removes the outside membrane of the ear so only the hard ear remains. This al... Read More »

What is an infinite dilution?

The concept of infinite dilution in chemistry is used to study how substances are dissolved in solvents. Infinite dilution is an extrapolation method that tests a solution's properties to see if th... Read More »

What does"dilution of shares"mean?

Dilution of shares occurs when a company or corporation issues additional common shares, thereby reducing the value of the shares currently owned. The term also applies to any event that reduces th... Read More »