Digital voice recorders?

Answer Well, I have one that is from Radio Shack & it is real easy 2 use. The name is OLYMPUS Digital Voice Recorder VN-2000. It needs 2 AAA batteries. It is small & light 2 carry. I forgot the price of i... Read More »

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About Sony Voice Recorders?

Digital voice recorders are a convenient tool for students, journalists, podcasters and anyone that needs to record audio from a conversation, lecture or event. Sony produces many hand-held, batter... Read More »

What are some good free high quality voice recorders?

I use this to capture Audio - The Main Mix out ports on the ALTO mixer are wired to send a Stereo Audio Signal to the MIC jack on my Canon Camcorder. I, at times us... Read More »

Not being au fait with dictaphones/voice recorders etc, can you recommend a cheap reliable make...?

Olympus. But there are many cheaper makes. Buy a model that uses solid state memory not tapes.

How to Use Digital Recorders in Public Schools?

Digital recorders are small devices that are often used by reporters, police and psychologists to capture the exact, word-for-word transcript of a conversation. Students may also find digital recor... Read More »