Digital tv question.?

Answer If you use Comcast, that is cable. Comcast is responsible for making the "conversion".If you have an antenna connected to the HDTV that is receiving analog, you *might* have an issue - but it does ... Read More »

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Question on X.509 digital certificate?

Digital camera question?

I left mine on for a long time for that same reason and it didn't seem to complain. In face, when I was shooting at night and the LCD was too bright, I actually covered the screen in duct tape to ... Read More »

Question on USB cable... Digital camera?

YES! & NO!YES.... technically the functions of the USB data cable is the same. They are meant for data transfer or may come with charging and power supply capability.NO...... one end of plug that i... Read More »

Stealing digital tv cable question?

first of all.....SPLITTING ANOTHER ONE'S COAXIAL IS NOT A GOOD ACTION .splitting a satellite for receiving a signal does not this case you should use a dual outputs lnb on dish.for w... Read More »