Digital tv question.?

Answer If you use Comcast, that is cable. Comcast is responsible for making the "conversion".If you have an antenna connected to the HDTV that is receiving analog, you *might* have an issue - but it does ... Read More »

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Question about digital cameras.... help please?

Digital camera question?

I left mine on for a long time for that same reason and it didn't seem to complain. In face, when I was shooting at night and the LCD was too bright, I actually covered the screen in duct tape to ... Read More »

So here's a question about the digital TV switchover in the UK?

Nope, you're not missing anything. That's what I'm doing.The digital hype thing is just the government making sure we are spending lots of money to bolster the failing economy.Given the recent deva... Read More »

Question about digital TV ( read on)?

>and old fashioned "rabbit ears " won't work anymore,They still work; there is one working in my house right now! How good of an antenna you need depends on your location.Your choices are:1. Buy a ... Read More »