Digital coaxial vs. digital optical, is there a difference in terms of sound quality output?

Answer there are aurguments both ways, but the bottom line is, the difference is minamal at best, and the equipment required to bring out thoses differences is likely way better than what your using (it c... Read More »

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Which is better for sound quality, optical or coaxial?

Sound quality is exactly the same for both optical and coaxial. However, I think its best to have more optical inputs, the only reason being that optical outputs are far more common on DVD players,... Read More »

Digital optical v digital coaxial?

It depends on the design of the manufacture and how much care he takes in balancing output usually with less expensive equipment there will be a preference of one over the other as a cost cutting m... Read More »

PS2 and digital optical cable for digital surround sound?

yes a generic optical cable - sony PS2 uses toslink style (the most common available even at walmart)I have hooked this up and used it to watch movies in 5.1 on my home theater system works great -... Read More »

What is a coaxial digital output?

Coaxial digital outputs are digital audio outputs found on many types of home entertainment equipment. These types of outputs carry digital sound information from devices such TV tuners or DVD play... Read More »