Digital camera question?

Answer I left mine on for a long time for that same reason and it didn't seem to complain. In face, when I was shooting at night and the LCD was too bright, I actually covered the screen in duct tape to ... Read More »

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Question on USB cable... Digital camera?

YES! & NO!YES.... technically the functions of the USB data cable is the same. They are meant for data transfer or may come with charging and power supply capability.NO...... one end of plug that i... Read More »

Question about "Jazz" digital Camera?

It sounds like you have a relatively small storage memory in the camera. If possible, you can get a SD card or memory stick. If not, you might be able to turn down the resolution in the camera's Ma... Read More »

Ok, stupid digital camera question....?

Before we start making guesses, how about you tell us what brand it is and what model number.The flash symbol is supposed to be self evident.

Digital Camera Tripod Prices Question....?

Buy the best you can afford. Manfrotto. Gittos. Velbon. Slik. A cheap tripod may be fine for a few months but then you'll notice its beginning to wear and isn't as stable as it was at first - and y... Read More »