Digital Camera Batteries?

Answer You need to get the right kind of rechargeable batteries.NiMH batteries that are (at least) 2500mAh. 2700mAh is better. And a good charger. you could go to best buy, circuit city, or even Target.... Read More »

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I have a digital camera, but the batteries only last for an can I stop wasting batteries with it?

Look for NMHi rechargeable batteries with a minimum of 2500mAh rating. Higher is even better.You can get them at any place that sells digicams, like Circuit City or Best Buy, or, go to an on line ... Read More »

I've put normal batteries in my digital camera instead of rechargeable ones...will it harm my camera?

no but the batteries will drain very quickly ..lucky if they last an hour......

Which is better: a digital camera using batteries or a camera using memory card?

any camera needs batteries -- that's the energy source.memory cards hold the pictures

What AA batteries are the best for a digital camera?

The brand doesn't matter, they're pretty well all the same. But rechargeable batteries come in different flavours. First of all there's the technology, nickel cadmium and also nickel metal hydride.... Read More »