Digital Aerial?

Answer You have asked a lot of questions, so here's a lot of answer.You're stuffed and the bloke who fitted your aerial was not being very helpful. In the first place they're only aerial fitters, not engi... Read More »

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Can i get digital tv with an indoor aerial?

It can be difficult, depending on where you are. Here is an article that explains the problems. How well it will work really depends on the terrain and how strong the signal is where you are loca... Read More »

Do i need a digital aerial if my telly has intergrated freeview?

I have a similar TV and I receive a perfect digital image and excellent sound quality through the existing ariel used for analogue reception. There should be no need to change your ariel. I pick ... Read More »

Why are companies saying you need a new aerial for digital TV when my 40 year old one works fine?

It's like Monster cable... it's all hype.

Digital switchover, don't be conned into having a new aerial fitted. Do you know the difference ?

I agree. Everyone should listen to this guy.