DigiTech Guitar Effects?

Answer Guitarists work hard to develop and perfect their own sound. There are lots of variables to explore, from guitars, amps and speaker cabinets to effects pedals, such as those made by DigiTech.

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Instructions for the DigiTech RP90 Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal?

The DigiTech RP90 multi-effects guitar pedal offers guitarists a wide range of tones and effects in one package. Everything from famous stomp-box distortion sounds to delay units and every effect i... Read More »

How to Buy Guitar Effects?

Generally, any device that modifies the signal of an electronic instrument to change the final sound is called an effect. Effects (also called FX) can run the gamut from limiter or expander setting... Read More »

How to Do Motorcycle Effects on a Guitar?

The Neverland Express' lead guitarist, Paul Crook, has been doing this effect in many songs over the years, including Meatloaf's Bat out of Hell. Read on to find a simple way to do the effects.

How to Use Percussive Effects on Guitar?

�Percussive fingerstyle" is a style of playing guitar that relies on sharp, percussive striking of the strings, as well as using the palm and fingertips to hit both the strings and the guitar's b... Read More »