Diffrence between concealer and foundation?

Answer Foundation provides a base for your other makeup. It goes over your entire face. It evens out your skin tone and provides a clean slate for your face. Concealer is used to cover-up any blemishes, u... Read More »

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I have VERY red and dry cheeks. which Should I do first, Foundation, Reg. Concealer or Green Concealer?

STEER CLEAR OF GREEN CONCEALER UNLESS YOU ARE A PROFESSIONAL MAKE-UP ARTIST!!!So many people mess up with green concealer, whether that is to cover their red acne or something else. If your cheeks ... Read More »

Concealer or Foundation first?

In general you should use concealer after foundation, because the foundation application process will remove most of the concealer. If you are trying to conceal under your eyes, then a lighter conc... Read More »

How to Use Foundation as a Concealer?

When you don't have your full makeup bag with you, you can try to get two uses out of one product. Lipstick can be used as blush, dark eye shadow can be used as eye liner, and foundation can be use... Read More »

Looking for a great foundation and concealer?

Drugstore makeup is fine; ANY makeup can make you break out, not just drugstore makeup. If that's all your budget is limited to, stick to it. Nothing's wrong with drugstore stuff. Whoever told you ... Read More »