Difficulty swallowing and swollen lymph node from being choked a few days ago?

Answer Well, if you're really worried, I'd see a doctor, but, if you'd rather not, stick a little ice on the swollen parts, and the lump in your throat should go away soon, just keepdrinking tea. In fact,... Read More »

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What does it mean when you have one swollen lymph node?

It means that you body is trying to fight something off, or has fought something off and there is residual swelling. Congratulations, you have a normal, working immune system.

Have a swollen lymph node in my neck.?

Lymph nodes respond to and fight infections. It seems to be doing a great job with your acne

My next looks larger because of a swollen lymph node?

Go to your doctor or emerge. Lymph nodes are a filtering system for your body. They remove infections etc. Not a good sign but you may just have a low grade infection in your throat or a bad tooth.

Swollen lymph node in neck?

Hey! All I can suggest is check in with your doctor .. a lymph node usually swells when it is fighting an infection .. this could mean that you are about to get sick or develop a cold .. however so... Read More »