Difficulty in swallow, burping a lot, and feel pressure in stomach and always full?

Answer get some real help. see an hio method chiropractor.

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Can frequent burping and gurgling in your stomach be a sign of pregnancy?

Answer It can be a sign of pregnancy or simply a lot of excess wind in your abdomonen.

Are you pregnant if you feel pain in one spot and pressure in one spot in your stomach?

Answer This doesnt sound like a pregnancy symptom. It may be a pulled muscle in your tummy. If you expeirence anymore symptoms then have a blood test.

Anyone ever experience sudden over-salivation, extreme stomach pain and difficulty speaking?

I didn't need to read but a few lines. Go get checked for an ulcer.Excessive saliva, like all of a sudden. Enough to fill a cup it seems like. Stomach pain like the most intense hunger pain you've ... Read More »

Are stomach pains that feel like a sore stomach a sign of early pregnancy?

AnswerNot really. Early pregnancy signs start around 2 weeks after conception. After you have missed your period (late period) you can buy a Home pregnancy test and see whether you are pregnant. Th... Read More »