Difficulties of Learning a Foreign Language?

Answer Languages are portals into a new culture, but reaching fluency can be a challenge, especially if you are learning on your own. Even in a classroom setting, learning to speak and understand a foreig... Read More »

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What Are the Difficulties to Learning the English Language?

For those who grow up speaking English, it seems as if it is not a very difficult language to learn. The fact is, English is a language rife with quirks and counter-intuitive elements, making it qu... Read More »

How to Teach the English Language to Learners With Learning Difficulties?

Many learners struggle to pay attention and to understand written or oral instruction in English class. The more didactic the lesson, the harder it can be for the student. In most cases, it is not... Read More »

What Difficulties Do Second Language Learners Face With Learning to Read?

In the second-language classroom, reading is used not only to show students how the different parts of the language fit together, but also as a way for teachers to test pronunciation and comprehens... Read More »

Value of Learning a Foreign Language?

The value of being proficient in a second language may seem unclear when you are sitting in a Spanish class in high school, attempting to master French in college or reading subtitles in an award-w... Read More »