Differentiated Instruction for Social Studies?

Answer Every classroom has multiple types of learners, and social studies teachers might feel overwhelmed meeting every student's needs while working through their expansive curriculum. Using differentiat... Read More »

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Differentiated Activities for Middle School Social Studies Students?

Students learn in distinct ways and at different speeds. Differentiated instruction allows students to follow different paths toward understanding the same lesson and its content. Some students may... Read More »

How to Use Differentiated Instruction?

Every classroom has a variety of students. Students may differ in academic ability, interests or learning style. The concept of differentiated instruction allows teachers to reach a wider variety o... Read More »

Why Is Differentiated Instruction Important?

Differentiated instruction or curriculum is when teachers maximize the learning potential of a classroom by modifying curriculum, teaching methods, learning resources and activities to address the ... Read More »

Checklist for Differentiated Instruction?

Just as all people are not exactly the same, neither are the students in the classroom. Traditionally, teachers use one set test for all students as well as the other assessments used. Since learne... Read More »