Differentiated Instruction Teaching Strategies?

Answer Differentiated instruction is a teaching theory based on the idea that there are multiple types of intelligence and many different preferred methods of processing information. There are a number of... Read More »

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Differentiated Reading Instruction Strategies?

Differentiation is a very popular idea right now. You may be wondering if this is just another educational trend that will soon pass, or if it actually has merit and will work for your students. Wh... Read More »

Differentiated Instruction Strategies for Language Arts?

Differentiated instruction is a hot topic in the world of education. Since all students are certainly not the same, why is it that assessments and methods are the same for all students? To achieve ... Read More »

Reasons Why Differentiated Instruction Is Critical to the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics?

Differentiated instruction is the form of classroom instruction and curriculum design in which the educator places the utmost importance on recognizing the differences in student abilities. This fo... Read More »

Differentiated Instruction for Teaching Gifted Children: How to Set Up the Learning Centers?

Differentiated instruction is a teaching strategy that involves identifying areas of retention or enrichment that need to be focused on in the classroom. Differentiated instruction can also be used... Read More »