Different types of leaves with its medicinal uses?

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What Are the Medicinal Uses of Blackberry Leaves?

Blackberry is a perennial plant that grows in dry conditions. It produces white or pink flowers and a small, dark-purple fruit. Branches and stems are either thorny or thornless. Blackberry leaves ... Read More »

How best dry blackberry leaves preserving the medicinal value?

I’ve done a little research on this and discovered a few bits of information that might be useful. One suggestion came from the following site:…You migh... Read More »

Types of Medicinal Plants?

Before the advent of modern medicine, local plants with medicinal properties often served as the most powerful agents in a traditional healer's repertoire. Indigenous people around the world still ... Read More »

What types of leaves are hairy?

African violets have "hairy" leaves and so does a plant commonly called Lambs Ear.