Different types of leaves with its medicinal uses?

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What Are the Medicinal Uses of Blackberry Leaves?

Blackberry is a perennial plant that grows in dry conditions. It produces white or pink flowers and a small, dark-purple fruit. Branches and stems are either thorny or thornless. Blackberry leaves ... Read More »

Medicinal Uses of Smokey Topaz?

Smokey topaz is really quartz rather than topaz. Smokey quartz varies in color from brown to gray to black. According to Patricia Martin, author of "The Magic of Rocks and Stones: Smokey Quartz," i... Read More »

Medicinal Uses of Shea Butter?

Shea butter can be used for medicinal purposes only if it is raw and unrefined. If it is modified in any way, it will destroy minerals or vitamins that are already present in the shea butter, and i... Read More »

The Medicinal Uses of Herbs & Spices?

You would probably agree that spices make our food taste better, but the spices you use on your food may also help you become healthier! Many of the herbs we use to season our food also have medici... Read More »