Different aspect ratio comparison?

Answer 16:9 will always be better, 4:3 is an old format and everything really wants to be widescreen now (16:9) even though its less screen area it looks better.

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Difference between aspect ratio to dynamic contrast ratio?

Aspect ratio is the height and width of the picture or screen. Sometimes this is called FORMAT. Contrast is how much difference there is between the whitest and blackest part of the picture.

What is the difference between taper ratio and aspect ratio?

Aspect ratio is the dimension of the height to the width. I don't think TV screens have a TAPER ratio.

What is the aspect ratio for?

The aspect ratio for screens is basically it's dimensions (length and width) For example, an aspect ratio of 4:3 means it is 4 units long by three units wide.The aspect ratio of Standard Defenition... Read More »

How do you change aspect ratio on plasma tv?

You can't just change the aspect ratio of your tv. The original aspect ratio will always be the same for your TV. However, you can choose to stretch the image to fit your TV screen, but it will bec... Read More »