Different Ways to Use Adaptive Equipment?

Answer An individual with disabilities has certain needs. A majority of these needs involve interacting with the physical world, and most products are simply not designed for the disabled. A special group... Read More »

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Adaptive Driving Equipment?

Specific driving equipment for the physically impaired is produced by a large number of manufacturers. As technology has advanced over the past 20 years, the industry has made major advances in the... Read More »

Adaptive Equipment for the Disabled?

People with disabilities use a variety of adaptive equipment to accomplish everyday tasks like talking on the phone, using a computer and driving a car. Professionals can help people select the rig... Read More »

Adaptive Equipment for Disabilities in the Classroom?

Assistive, or adaptive, equipment is any piece of equipment that can help a disabled student function more independently in the classroom. A wide variety of tools and objects can fall under the hea... Read More »

Ways to Help Kids Not Be Afraid of the Hospital Equipment?

Whether visiting someone close to them or having to undergo testing of one sort, children may have to deal with hospital equipment that might look or sound strange to them. Hospital equipment can b... Read More »