Different Ways to Paint Dressers?

Answer Updating an old dresser or inexpensive used dresser is as easy as picking up a paintbrush. Cheaper than buying new, you can customize your dresser to coordinate with your home décor or use the dre... Read More »

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How to Paint Formica Dressers?

Known for being durable and easy to clean, Formica is a form of laminate sheathing used to cover a wide range of household furnishings. However, despite its versatility, Formica can become faded or... Read More »

Different Ways to Paint Your Mailbox?

When you run out of rooms to decorate in your home, it is time to turn your attention to your mailbox. It can be so much more than a black, white or gray box sitting outside your door. Transform it... Read More »

The Different Ways to Paint Your Face Gold, Black and White?

The act of painting or marking the face is a human tradition dating back thousands of years. In modern times, face painting is most often associated with Halloween costumes, dramatic productions an... Read More »

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