Different Ways of Organizing a Paragraph?

Answer A well-written paragraph is connected, consistent and well developed. The sentences support one idea (they are connected), ideas flow with ease from sentence to sentence (the supporting informatio... Read More »

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What Does "Organizing a Paragraph" Mean?

Experienced writers understand the rules to follow when writing a paragraph. Good paragraphs are structured and organized based on the type of writing. While "structure" refers to how a paragraph m... Read More »

What Are the Two Ways of Organizing an Argument?

Though there are many nuances to forming a structured argument, most fall under the headings of "inductive" or "deductive" arguments. Even if the argument is being made informally, such as in a con... Read More »

5 Ways to Develop a Paragraph?

Paragraphs are the building blocks of essay development and provide structure when developing the thesis of a paper. Development of a paragraph is necessary to avoid leaving the reader with any sig... Read More »

Microsoft Word 2007 Help! What is the quickest way to move text from the first paragraph to the last paragraph?

Select/Highlight it, cut it, and paste it.