Different Ways of Holding a Pool Stick?

Answer With increased television coverage of tournaments, the game of pool has never been enjoyed more. From bars to recreation centers, players are cuing up to match skills with friends and strangers. Th... Read More »

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How do you find out all the different recommended swimming pool temperature ranges for different groups?

Answer In my experience of working in health & fitness clubs over the past few years i have found that the ideal pool temperature depends on how vigorous the activity the groups are undertaking. I ... Read More »

If you have two different two ways but different frequency then can you comunicate between them?

How to Replace Pool Stick Tips?

Pool stick tips define your game. How you stroke the ball with the tip determines where the cue ball will go and how the object ball will react. If you play long enough, your tip will eventually br... Read More »

How to Make a Pool Stick Out of Gum Paste?

You can make a pool stick out of gum paste for a completely edible sculptured decoration. Gum paste is malleable dough made from confectioners sugar, gelatin, cornstarch, egg whites and natural gum... Read More »