Different Ways Probation Is Administered?

Answer As a method of punishment and rehabilitation, probation has a long history. The nature of probation has evolved over the years, and all states have modern forms of adult and juvenile probation. Pro... Read More »

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What three ways are vaccines administered?

Injection, nasal spray, and liquid or pill ingestion are three ways to administer a vaccine.

What can a probation officer do if you violate probation?

If you violate probation, a probation officer can send you to a judge for punishment, or just issue a warning, according to Expert Law. Probation officers generally have discretion in how to handle... Read More »

How are vaccinations administered?

Vaccinations can be given through several methods. The most popular of which is by syringe in the form of a shot. These are most often intramuscular, but some are also given as an intradermal injec... Read More »

Why do Eppipens *sp* need administered thru the leg?

To your first question. The epinephrine auto injector is given on the outside of the leg just because there isn't as much muscle or fat tissue right there so it's more rapidly absorbed into the sys... Read More »