Different Varieties of Turtles?

Answer There are hundreds of different species of turtles in several different classifications. Choosing a turtle for a pet is no simple task, and environmental and dietary factors need to be taken into c... Read More »

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Different Varieties or Types of Peonies?

Peonies come in many different varieties and colors, and are grown all over the world, including multicolored flowers. They are typically classified by color. Hybrid peonies also exist and typicall... Read More »

Different Varieties of Juniper Bushes?

Evergreen juniper bushes (Juniperus) can withstand nutrient poor soils, excessive heat and drought once established. A popular shrub for use as a hedge, foundation plant or simple ornamental, the j... Read More »

Different Varieties of a Magnolia Tree?

Magnolias grow in numerous different colors, shapes and sizes. They are often incorporated into oriental themed gardens due to their minimalist appearance. Magnolias come in two categories: bushes ... Read More »

Different Types of Water Turtles?

Turtles are shelled reptiles that can live either aquatically or terrestrially. Aquatic turtles, living in the water, are diverse in their physical appearances and habitats. They can be diminutive ... Read More »