Different Types of Wild Birds?

Answer The different types of wild birds that occur throughout the North American continent display great diversity in their diets, habitats and behaviors. Some are skilled predators, able to kill easily ... Read More »

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Types of Wild Birds in the Winter in Massachusetts?

Despite the harsh weather that a Massachusetts winter can whip up, many of the birds in the Bay State are year-round residents and do not fly south to avoid such conditions. These hardy birds rely ... Read More »

Do birds eat dead baby birds of different species?

Many species of birds--such as crows, ravens and vultures--eat carrion, or dead animals. These birds will eat any dead animal, including dead baby birds of different species, that make an easy meal... Read More »

How to Catch Wild Birds?

Capturing a wild bird is a delicate endeavor. You must be certain not to harm the bird or its feathers. There are cases where the welfare of the bird depends upon its capture. For instance, the bir... Read More »

Wild Birds of Kansas?

According to the Kansas Birds Records Committee of the Kansas Ornithological Society, 440 bird species have been documented in Kansas. Some of these species have been reported by bird watchers fewe... Read More »