Different Types of White Cheeses?

Answer Cheese is a dairy product often served as an appetizer but it is also used in many entrees and is a favorite ingredient in Italian cuisine. Cheese is made from a combination of salt, enzymes, bacte... Read More »

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How to Mix Different Types of Black & White Clownfish?

Clown fish are a popular pet due to their black, white and orangish color and unique "dog-like" waddle. All clownfish species require salt water to survive. Most clownfish prefer to live in a host ... Read More »

List of White Cheeses?

Cheese is a food made from the milk of cows, goats and other animals and, like the milk, the finished product is usually white. Certain grazing conditions will result in tints to an animal's milk, ... Read More »

Types of Aged Cheeses?

Cheese, a by-product of milk, has been made for centuries. Only a few types of cheeses are consumed immediately. Most cheeses are aged or undergo a process called ripening; the aging or ripening pe... Read More »

How many different cheeses are there in France?

France is home to about 500 types of cheese. These fall into eight basic categories: fresh cheese (such as petit suisse); soft, natural-rind cheese (such as brie); soft, washed-rind cheese (such as... Read More »