Different Types of Light Microscopes?

Answer Light microscopes use visible light to form an enlarged image of a microscopic object. While light microscopes have poorer resolution than electron microscopes, they are easier to work with, can fo... Read More »

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Different Types of Microscopes & How Each One Functions?

The first microscope was a tube with a lens on one end and the object on the other. This device only had a magnification of 10. Then in 1597 a Dutch Spectacle maker named Zaccharias Jansseen and hi... Read More »

Different Types of Light Switches?

Light switches are rated rated for specific amperages and voltages so if you are planning to replace a switch it is important to get one that matches exactly. A switch that reads AC Only means it o... Read More »

Different Types of Light Meters?

Light meters measure the amount of illumination in an area, helping photographers decide how long film needs to be exposed to take the perfect picture. Light meters also keep an announcer's tie fro... Read More »

Different Types of Incandescent Light Bulbs?

Incandescent light bulbs dominate the lighting industry due to their extensive history. Although more efficient lighting has become available, as of 2010, incandescent light bulbs made up 85 percen... Read More »