Different Types of Light Microscopes?

Answer Light microscopes use visible light to form an enlarged image of a microscopic object. While light microscopes have poorer resolution than electron microscopes, they are easier to work with, can fo... Read More »

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Types of Fluorescence Microscopes?

When microscopes were invented around 1600 C.E., natural philosophers turned their eyes onto a world within a world. When Antony van Leeuwenhoek crafted small, highly-curved lenses and a mechanical... Read More »

Different Types of Microscopes & How Each One Functions?

The first microscope was a tube with a lens on one end and the object on the other. This device only had a magnification of 10. Then in 1597 a Dutch Spectacle maker named Zaccharias Jansseen and hi... Read More »

Who invented light microscopes?

Zaccharias Janssen and his son Hans are the inventors of the light microscope. They were eyeglass makers, and learned of the magnification properties of lenses. Their invention, around 1597, had co... Read More »

Types of Cfl Light Bulbs?

CFL (compact fluorescent) light bulbs are manufactured for use in regular household lamps. They have a screw in base, but their similarity to the incandescent bulb mostly ends there. Because the CF... Read More »