Different Types of Lawsuits?

Answer A lawsuit is a civil legal action brought to a court in which a plaintiff -- or the person suing -- demands money, property or any equitable remedy for loss or damages incurred as a result of the a... Read More »

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Types of Lawsuits Against Car Towing?

As more vehicle owners complain about illegal tows, states and lawyers have joined the fight. States have passed laws to limit the illegal actions of tow companies, while lawyers bring lawsuits to ... Read More »

Can IRAs Be Taken in Lawsuits?

An Individual Retirement Account provides significant protection from taxes as you save for retirement. The money that you place in an IRA grows tax-deferred until you withdraw it at retirement. Ro... Read More »

Are there any lawsuits against Herbalife?

The exact number of lawsuits against Herbalife is unknown because the company refuses divulge such information, but the answer is likely dozens. The company has been subject to numerous lawsuits si... Read More »

Taxes on Lawsuits?

The Internal Revenue Service taxes all income unless specifically excluded by the Internal Revenue Code. This includes income derived from lawsuit awards. The IRS taxes lawsuit awards as gross inco... Read More »