Different Types of Lawsuits?

Answer A lawsuit is a civil legal action brought to a court in which a plaintiff -- or the person suing -- demands money, property or any equitable remedy for loss or damages incurred as a result of the a... Read More »

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Types of Lawsuits Against Car Towing?

As more vehicle owners complain about illegal tows, states and lawyers have joined the fight. States have passed laws to limit the illegal actions of tow companies, while lawyers bring lawsuits to ... Read More »

What are different types of ram in available in different markets?

"Jailbreaking" is hacking your iPhone so it will run any type of app, even those that are not approved by Apple. The process of jailbreaking was illegal until recently, but people have been doing i... Read More »

Different Types of Car Engines?

The broadest classification of car engines puts an engine in one of two categories: gasoline- or diesel-powered. This description explains what type of fuel and ignition mechanism an engine uses. H... Read More »

Different Types of Thermometers?

A thermometer is an instrument that measures temperature. The device has a receiver, such as a liquid or metal spring, that responds to the degree of heat or cold. Once the receiving agent has capt... Read More »