Different Types of Depreciation Methods?

Answer All consumable assets have a finite life expectancy, after which they will have little or no value. Businesses use depreciation to reduce taxes as well as to provide a more realistic picture of the... Read More »

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RV Depreciation Methods?

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) allows taxpayers to depreciate recreational vehicles (RVs) using a straight-line method or an accelerated procedure. An RV is a fixed or long-term asset, meaning ... Read More »

AMT Depreciation Methods?

The Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) was created to ensure that wealthy taxpayers pay a minimum amount of tax at the end of each year. The Internal Revenue Service allows you to depreciate resources t... Read More »

Composite Depreciation Methods?

Depreciation is an accounting practice whereby the cost of a capital good used by a business is partially written off every year. The value of these capital goods declines every year as they are us... Read More »

Accumulated Depreciation Methods?

Depreciation is an accounting procedure that helps a company's senior management allocate the cost of corporate assets over a specified number of time periods. A firm depreciates only fixed assets ... Read More »