Different Types of Antennas?

Answer Antennas, electrical devices that work by transmitting or receiving electromagnetic waves, are necessary for the proper transmission of television programming, satellite broadcasts, radio broadcast... Read More »

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Types of Rooftop Antennas?

Rooftop antennas are used for receiving television signals. With the rising popularity of digital TV (DTV) and high definition TV (HDTV), many people wonder if they still need television antennas. ... Read More »

What Are the Different Zones for HDTV Antennas?

The Consumer Electronics Association has designated seven zones for HDTV Antennas. A zone describes the television reception conditions in a particular geographical location with respect to a parti... Read More »

Types of Radio Frequency Antennas?

A radio frequency (RF) antenna is a pole or multiple poles that capture and transmit radio frequencies to an electronic device. There are different types of radio frequency antenna and their functi... Read More »

Types of Metal Used for Radio Antennas?

Radio antennas, or aerials, are commonly used to receive and transmit radio waves in cell phones, spacecraft communication systems, wireless local area networks (LANs), point-to-point radio communi... Read More »