Different Tattoo Designs?

Answer With the amount of tattoo studios and artists available today, the choices for a different tattoo design are pretty much endless. A single tattoo artist can be capable of producing two completely d... Read More »

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Famous Tattoo Designs?

Tattooing, an art form as well as personal decoration, has evolved over time. Tattoos have come a long way--from taboo to mainstream. People of all ages and levels of society seek the services of t... Read More »

About Tattoo Designs?

Tattoos are covering more skin than ever before. They have evolved immensely, incorporating new techniques, colors and an endless supply of designs. Flash is one way to choose a tattoo design. You ... Read More »

How to Decide on Tattoo Designs?

Some tattoo designs, and a basic description of each. Also, information on a wonderful database with thousands more designs.

Shoulder Tattoo Designs for Women?

Tattoos are often more than just a permanent body decoration: they can be used to represent significant aspects of a person's life and frequently become part of an individual's identity. When selec... Read More »