Different Styles of Dreads?

Answer Dreadlocks can be a bold, fun hairstyle for both men and women. They can be a symbol of ethnic pride or simply a fashion preference. There are many different ways to style and accessorize dreads. W... Read More »

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Cornrow Dreads Styles?

There is controversy about the possibility of having both dreads and cornrows, but putting dreadlocks in cornrows is possible. Dreadlocks vary in shape, width and length and are made up of coils o... Read More »

Braided Dreads Styles?

While the word dreadlocks may merely conjure images of thick, teased strands of hair, this unique look can be styled many ways. Does this Spark an idea?

Different Styles of Hair Locks or Dreads?

Dreadlocks or locks are a beautiful expression of natural hair. It is a process that takes time to be matured into locks. People can start the process themselves or seek the services of a professio... Read More »

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