Different Styles of Athletic Supporters?

Answer Physicians from the National Institutes for Health recommend that all men wear athletic supporters during contact sports in order to avoid testicle injuries. But young athletes are not limited to t... Read More »

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Different Bun Styles?

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Different Du Rag Styles?

Do-rags, doo-rags, du-rags, skull caps, bandanna wraps, skull wraps and skull caps are head coverings tied to the head of the wearer. Although traditionally worn by African Americans and bikers, do... Read More »

Different Styles to Dye Hair?

Dyeing your hair is an easy way to change your appearance, and you can always switch to your natural hair color if you don't like it. No matter how you plan to dye your hair, choosing colors that w... Read More »

Different Styles of Shemaghs?

The shemagh is basically a large square of cloth, most often made of cotton since it is a breathable, lightweight material. They come in many colors, but gray or white is most popular. It is worn t... Read More »