Different Species of Hungarian Grapes?

Answer According to travel writers Adrian Phillips and Jo Scotchmer, there are around 20 Hungarian grape varieties. These include white- and dark-skinned varieties. Many have more than one name. Several a... Read More »

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Different Species of Frogs in the Rainforest?

Rainforest frogs are colorful, fascinating and diverse. There are more species than humans will probably ever know; many of them are fast becoming extinct due to habitat destruction, global warming... Read More »

Different Species of Cardinal Birds?

Cardinals are perching songbirds found in North and South America. There are three "true" cardinals belonging to the genus Cardinalis, although birds from the same family but a different genus are ... Read More »

How many different species of flowers are there?

How many different species of animals are endangered?

There is no one official list of endangered animals worldwide. According to Earth's Endangered Creatures, approximately 10,801 species of animal were listed as endangered worldwide in 2010. The gro... Read More »