Different Sorts of Hair Rollers for Perms?

Answer The tightness of curl or looseness of a wave in a perm is determined by the type of hair roller, or perm rod, used. When using thinner rods, more curl will be the outcome, and when using larger, th... Read More »

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What are all the different types of perms?

BODY PERMS are very soft, loose perms created by using large curlers, or sometimes rollers. The result is added volume with a hint of wave and movement rather than curls.ROOT PERMS add lift and vo... Read More »

Different Kinds of Perms & Hairstyles?

A perm is a great way for a woman to change her hairstyle. It adds curls or waves to flat or straight hair. The hair gets an application of a chemical solution that breaks down the follicles. Rolle... Read More »

Perms & Thinning Hair?

Thinning hair poses a particular set of problems. It is easy to damage, and the desire to hold onto what is left is often very strong. Perms help thinning hair appear thicker, but they often result... Read More »

Different Ways to Use Rollers?

It's time to spruce up that hair and rollers are the perfect way to achieve a new style while causing less damage to your hair than a hot iron does. Unless you choose hot rollers, which will cause ... Read More »