Different Sizes of Oxygen Tanks?

Answer Oxygen tanks are used for several different purposes. You will find oxygen tanks used for welding, first aid and scuba diving. The cylinders used to store the oxygen come in different sizes, depend... Read More »

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What are the sizes of home heating oil tanks?

Aboveground home heating oil tanks typically come in 275 and 330 gallon sizes. Dimensions of a 275 gallon tank are 26 inches x 44 inches x 5 feet long. A 330 gallon tank is one foot longer than a 2... Read More »

Can you refill oxygen tanks?

Oxygen tanks are refillable through a valve on the top of the tank, though you may need to find a medical supplier to refill the tank for you. Home refill units are also available. Contact your loc... Read More »

Why do mountain climbers need oxygen tanks?

When mountain climbers reach extreme altitudes, they run the risk of oxygen deprivation. Using oxygen tanks at high altitudes helps reduce the risk of serious injury or death.IdentificationAccordin... Read More »

How do I Store Oxygen Tanks in Schools?

Oxygen comes packaged in many different storage tubes and tanks. If they are small, they are usually for individual or personal use. Schools tend to use large storage devices for science projects ... Read More »