Different Shaped Bathtubs?

Answer If you are in the market for a new bathtub, you may be amazed to discover how far this once unremarkable bathroom feature has come. No longer merely utilitarian in design, bathtubs have grown more ... Read More »

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How to Apply Eyeliner on Different Shaped Eyes?

Eyeliner is a great tool to enhance the shape of your eye. Learning a few simple techniques and choosing the right colors can create a variety of looks. The main purpose of eyeliner is to make eyel... Read More »

How to setup different shaped monitors for nVidia surround?

You need to use the same resolution across them all, if the monitors themselves are different resolutions then it will use the lowest common denominator across all of them which in your case would ... Read More »

Why are public toilet seats "U" shaped and toilet seats in private homes are a closed ring shaped?

The "U" shape is used in public places for the safety fof the health inspector. This way he won't choke if the lid slams down while he is drinking.

Can bathtubs be weatherized?

On One Hand: Caulking Around BathtubsAccording to, "You can use a caulking compound to seal leaks in a variety of places throughout your home." Waterproof caulk can prevent water and we... Read More »