Different Ponytails?

Answer The ponytail is a timeless style that stays stylish every year, in every season. This classic look evolves and changes to always stay trendy, and has many variations. The ponytail can be casual, dr... Read More »

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Directions for Different Ponytails?

The ponytail is an easy, classic hairstyle. Since the 1960s, women have worn their hair in this style. Wear it high or low, simple or complicated; any way you style it, a ponytail is a go-to hairst... Read More »

How to Do Two Ponytails in Different Ways?

Two ponytails are a different yet still simple alternative to a single ponytail. They can be styled in many different ways, and work for any hair type. Hair should be long enough so that it doesn't... Read More »

How to Do Two Ponytails?

The style of two ponytails, often called pigtails, came from the term tobacco farmers once used for describing twisted bundles of tobacco crops. The hairstyle was first common only among young girl... Read More »

How to Make Two Ponytails?

Two ponytails together are often called pigtails, when they are on opposite sides of your head behind each ear. This is a common style for little girls to wear. When this hair style is worn by adul... Read More »