Different Ponytails?

Answer The ponytail is a timeless style that stays stylish every year, in every season. This classic look evolves and changes to always stay trendy, and has many variations. The ponytail can be casual, dr... Read More »

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How to Do Two Ponytails?

The style of two ponytails, often called pigtails, came from the term tobacco farmers once used for describing twisted bundles of tobacco crops. The hairstyle was first common only among young girl... Read More »

About Ponytails?

Ponytail is the name that is given to a hair style in which the hair is gathered together and hangs down the back of the head. The name derives from its resemblance to the tail of a horse. Usuall... Read More »

Ideas for Ponytails?

A simple hairstyle that will never become outdated is the classic ponytail. You can sport a ponytail for a casual look or dress it up for an evening out on the town. Ponytails can be worn with both... Read More »

Styles for Ponytails?

Ponytails are known for their simplicity and no-fuss style. Many women wear ponytails casually, at the gym or slicked back for a weekend lunch. A practical choice, ponytails keep hair out of the ey... Read More »