Different Perceptions of Men & Women Consumers for Perfume?

Answer Perfumes have played an important part of life for many cultures over thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians used scented oils in bathing as often as three times a day, and in ancient Greek and ... Read More »

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How to Choose a Cartier Perfume for Women?

Known primarily as a purveyor of fine jewelry and fashion merchandise, the House of Cartier also produces distinctive lines of perfume for men and women. Choosing a Cartier women's perfume for your... Read More »

What is different between Deo & Perfume?

Wow...err...deodorant is to prevent natural bodily odors from secreting out your sweat glands. Perfumes have nothing to do with covering up or preventing natural body odor. Perfume mixed with natu... Read More »

Why Do Women Wear Perfume on Their Wrists?

If you've watched your mother or grandmother discreetly dab perfume on her wrists or behind her knees, there is a reason. These are the areas where perfume best performs. Does thi... Read More »

Most Famous Brands of Perfume for Women?

Perfume has been in existence since antiquity, but no one knows the name of Cleopatra's scent or her perfumer. These days, things are quite different. Certain fragrances and perfumers are conside... Read More »