Different Paintable Wood Filler Types?

Answer When you are making furniture, cabinets or finish carpentry or construction, having a smooth, unblemished surface helps to draw the attention to the overall effect rather than detract from it. A pr... Read More »

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How to Use Bondo As Wood Filler?

Bondo is usually associated with car or fiberglass patching, but it makes an excellent filler for wood projects where you don' t want to replace the entire piece of wood. Clear out the damaged wood... Read More »

How long should wood filler dry before sealing?

Wood filler should be dried until the surface appears dull. It takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes for wood filler to dry completely. To test if it's dry, run your finger across the surface. If a ... Read More »

Types of fern filler for flower arrangements?

Leather leaf is most common, very inexpensive. Cleopatra fern is a cleaner, more unique version of leather leaf. Umbrella fern is also another option. We often use succulents (like hens & chicks) a... Read More »

Wood Burning, Types of Wood & BTUs?

Your involvement with the processing of your firewood determines just how much money you save. The more you do, the more you save. Buying firewood that is cut and split may offer little savings ove... Read More »