Different Navel Piercings?

Answer Navel or belly button piercings show well with low-riding pants, short tops or swimsuits and are easy to conceal. Navel piercings date back to the ancient Egyptians and Native Americans, according ... Read More »

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Why Do Navel Piercings Fall Out?

Navel piercings pierce the skin around the bellybutton to allow people to wear jewelry such as studs, spikes, and gems on their navels. Like all piercings, navel piercings have some health risks. T... Read More »

How to Clean Navel Piercings?

It is important to keep a navel piercing clean, especially while it is healing They can easily become infected if not cleaned often. Use these tips to know how and when to clean your navel piercing... Read More »

About Navel Piercings?

Navel piercing is an ancient tradition that has gained popularity since the 1990's. Many women choose to pierce their bellybutton as a fun fashion trend. However, a successful piercing requires muc... Read More »

Are navel piercings safe?

On One Hand: Professional PiercingWhen a professional, licensed body piercer performs a navel piercing, it is a completely safe procedure. The piercing is performed with a sterile needle and instru... Read More »