Different Motor Oils?

Answer Modern vehicle engines are complicated machines with many moving parts. To keep engines running smoothly, motor oil is used to reduce wear and lower friction. Many different types of motor oil are ... Read More »

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The Best Quality Motor Oils?

Motor or engine oil is the liquid that constantly protects the heart of a motor vehicle, the engine. It is the critical ingredient that carries away heat, lubricates metal parts and captures dirt. ... Read More »

How to Compare Motor Oils?

Engine oil is vital to keep a regular temperature and reduce wear in a motor. When comparing oils the discussion boils down to one major difference: synthetic or regular.

How to Rate Motor Oils?

Modern motor oils are complex blends of distilled petroleum products and special additives that help keep your engine running efficiently and cleanly. The main concepts used to rate motor oils are... Read More »

The Best Performing Non-Synthetic Motor Oils?

Performance in a motor oil is measured by the gas mileage and performance of your engine. A good motor oil will maintain your piston chambers, seals, and internal parts while pulling out debris and... Read More »