Different Lawn Grubs?

Answer Grubs, the immature larval stage of scarab beetles, can cause extensive lawn damage by feeding on the plant's root system. Moles, skunks and raccoons also seek out grubs as the main staple of their... Read More »

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How do I get rid of grubs in a lawn?

Noticing Grub DamageUse an insecticide with trichlorfon or diazinon on the infected lawn after you notice that you have grubs that have caused brown spots in the lawn. Water the grass first. The ap... Read More »

How to Control Lawn Grubs?

Lawn grubs are the larvae of different bugs, including June and Japanese beetles, which lay their eggs in the grass at night when the soil is warm. Grub damage appears as brown spots in the lawn be... Read More »

How do you kill lawn grubs?

There are certain pesticides that are made just for this purpose. You can also bring in a few toads to manage your yard and garden of grubs. You will need at least a shallow pond for them to cool ... Read More »

How to Control Grubs in the Lawn From PSU?

Your garden flowers are blooming great, but your lawn looks as if it is losing its turf faster than your husband is losing his hair. The culprit might only be a few inches underneath your brown law... Read More »