Different Kinds of X-Acto Blades?

Answer X-Acto is a brand of knives that are used for arts and crafts projects. Owned by Elmer's Products Incorporated, X-Acto knives are similar in shape to a surgeon's scalpel but with an interchangeable... Read More »

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The Kinds of Metal for Sawzall Blades?

Sawzalls are popular power tools that offer nearly endless applications in the construction industry. These tools can be found on almost any construction site in America. There are several metals u... Read More »

How to Sharpen an X-acto?

Over time, your X-Acto knife's blade will dull.Although replacement blades are available for purchase at crafts stores, you can sharpen the existing blade to extend the life of the blade. The stone... Read More »

What is an x-acto knife?

An X-ACTO knife is a knife made by the X-ACTO company. While the company makes a wide variety of craft, office and utility knives, it is most commonly associated with its No. 2 knife. This model ha... Read More »

Who Invented the X-Acto Knife?

Sundel Doniger invented the X-Acto knife in the 1930s, and an artist at his company perfected the design. Doniger had founded X-Acto, a company producing scalpels and other surgical supplies, in 19... Read More »