Different Kinds of Sunflowers?

Answer Sunflowers are North American natives that are cultivated worldwide for their seeds, oil and spectacular blooms. The colorful petals are actually ray flowers; the real flowers are the tiny blooms t... Read More »

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Why is this (see details) different in different kinds of TVs?

You're in the RIGHT CATEGORY for TVs.....The reason there is a Pause is because of the Audio and Video BUFFERS...They have to fill up to display the First frame of picture...When you change channel... Read More »

How do I buy different kinds of tea?

You may feel overwhelmed as you consider all of the kinds of tea you have heard about. Red, black, green or white teas and all of the herbal varieties have their own benefits and flavor qualities. ... Read More »

Different Kinds of Saxophones?

The saxophone is one of the most popular musical instruments, known for its mellow yet vibrant tone heard in concert bands, jazz ensembles and big bands. Classified as a woodwind, yet made of brass... Read More »

Different kinds of shrubs?

Rose plant,Tulsi,Henna plant and Hibiscus are a few examples of shrubs.