Different Kinds of Finch Birds?

Answer Of the 145 types of finches that exist worldwide, 16 occur in North America, reports the "National Audubon Society Field Guide to Birds." The finches often have brightly colored feathers, especiall... Read More »

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Different Kinds of Love Birds?

Lovebirds are small parrots originating in Africa and Madagascar. Scientifically their genus is known as Agapornis, and there are nine different species. They make suitable house pets and can live ... Read More »

How to Breed Finch Birds?

Finches breed easily in captivity. Breeder Roy Beckham of finds that getting finches to stop breeding is harder than getting them to start. Many species of finch interbreed, creating fer... Read More »

Characteristics of Finch Birds?

Finches are common pet birds because several of their characteristics allow them to do well caged. They are usually quite small, especially as pets, and have a remarkable array of colors and patter... Read More »

What Can Finch Birds Eat?

Finches are song birds living primarily in the Northern Hemisphere, although some subspecies live below the Equator. Finches are classified as passerine, or perching, birds of the Fringillidae fami... Read More »