Different Internet speeds?

Answer Without knowing the details of your setup...the PC connection which assume is wired is probably using non-standard cable. That is to say, your router/switch requires Cat 5e and you aren't using it... Read More »

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Science Project: Do Different Brands of Crayon Melt at Different Speeds?

Conduct a science project experiment to determine if different brands of crayons melt at different speeds. You can incorporate the project into a science lesson as a group project or guide students... Read More »

How to Get the Average Speed of Different Speeds?

You may want to find the average speed of a moving object for a variety of reasons. For example, if you want to calculate your average gas mileage, you must first calculate the average speed of you... Read More »

Why do two sites on my host have two different speeds?

the same host does not necessarily mean the same physical server. as you already know, hosting companies try to pack as many accounts as possible per server to maximize $$$. your wp account could... Read More »

Can you install different speeds of DDR2 sdram in a Mac G5?

You can install DDR2 SDRAM modules of different speeds together in a Power Mac G5. However, the memory will only operate as fast as the slowest module installed. For example, if you installed one 4... Read More »