Different IP Address?

Answer Got absolutely nothing to do with an I.P. address.

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Can you have a business address for taxes and a different mailing address?

Many businesses opt to incorporate in states that offer favorable tax advantages. When incorporating, you can specify a business address, and a mailing address, and those do not have to be the same... Read More »

Can you legally use a different address to get cheaper insurance?

Legally? "No", that would constitute Material Misrepresentation of the Risk, AKA fraud. Answer No, that's called insurance fraud. The company may not press criminal charges, but they won't pay any... Read More »

How am I having 3 different IP address on same phone?

for mobile devices its ip address is not same.its temporary address provided by the operator for the session.if u disconnect the internet and connect again u'll find the ip address is changed again... Read More »

How to Address Different Skill Levels in the Classroom?

When the average person thinks of a typical classroom, he thinks of third grade, with standard, homogeneous third grade activities, where everyone repeats the same lessons and learns in the same st... Read More »