Different Google Styles?

Answer Google is one of the Internet's most iconic websites. While other sites rise and fall, get new layouts and change their logos, Google remains the same --- a colorful logo and a search bar centered ... Read More »

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Different Du Rag Styles?

Do-rags, doo-rags, du-rags, skull caps, bandanna wraps, skull wraps and skull caps are head coverings tied to the head of the wearer. Although traditionally worn by African Americans and bikers, do... Read More »

Different Bun Styles?

With so many different bun styles, you'll have plenty to experiment with, depending on whether you need a bun for a casual outing or a formal affair. If you are heading to a wedding, a chignon or F... Read More »

Different Styles of Pigtail?

Pigtails can be worn by women of all ages and walks of life. While pigtails are most synonymous with youth, an older woman may wear pigtails to keep the hair out of her face when performing an ardu... Read More »

Different Styles of Dreads?

Dreadlocks can be a bold, fun hairstyle for both men and women. They can be a symbol of ethnic pride or simply a fashion preference. There are many different ways to style and accessorize dreads. W... Read More »