Different Engine Oil Grades?

Answer If you've ever looked, you will notice that your car engine oil has a specific rating. Many times this is what mechanics refer to when they discuss your oil change and what oil is put into your veh... Read More »

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Different Grades of Copper for Recycling?

Copper is one of the main materials recycled and repurposed because copper stays essentially the same throughout usage and recycling and is 100 percent recyclable. According to Copper, abo... Read More »

Are there different grades of tungsten rings?

Unlike titanium, the quality of tungsten carbide material is always the same, wherever you buy it. Tungsten carbide rings are available in various grades of finish such as high polish, satin and ha... Read More »

Are there different grades of flat screen TVs?

There are three basic types of flat panel televisions. These are plasma, liquid crystal display (LCD) and light emitting diode (LED). These refer to the source of images on the screen. Each type o... Read More »

What Do the Different Grades for Softwood and Plywood Mean?

The American Plywood Association (APA) classifies plywood, a softwood, by quality from A to D. The better the grade, the fewer defects in the surface. Higher grades contain a few patches which repl... Read More »